Safe Boarding for All Ages

Boat Model

Boat Model

Use On: Boats

Best use for height differences, Boat-Dock up to 30″

Boat Model - Stowed
Boat Model - Stowed
Boat Model - Deployed
Boat Model - Deployed


  • Adjustable Mounting Chassis

  • Gunnell Wall Top Latch Plate

  • Deck Mounting Plate

  • Slip Resistant 26” Standard Boat Gangplank with adjustable legs

  • Snap-in Upper Position Step Insert #2500AS (2019 BONUS)*

  • 1 Two-part Adjustable Handle

  • Adjustable “Pull Out” Ladder, Tubes and Hardware

  • Stainless Steel Locking Mount Pins

  • Safety Lanyard

Complete (as listed above)

ORDER ITEM #  2000 B

Available Options

Add second adjustable Boat model handle  (as shown)


Gangplank, increase length to 38” long


Snap-in Upper Position Step Insert

This bonus item is included with 2019 Boat Model orders!

#2500AS Step Insert
#2500AS Step Insert