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Safashor Boat Model w/26″ Gangplank


This model installs on boat.

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Is easily installed on a boat, adjusting for tide changes, and different dock heights giving the boater a safe walkway (gangplank) to board or disembark.

  • Bridges the gap from the boat to the dock for safe and confident boarding
  • Adjustable non-skid gangplank raises or pivots downward for tidal changes and varying dock heights.
  • 1- Telescoping safety grab handle is included.
  • 1 #2500 AS snap in step (for raised gangplank) is included
  • 26” Gangplank and handle can be removed and stowed in seconds.
  • Included non-skid step ladder swings out onto the deck surface for easy entry up to the gangplank and stows neatly against the interior gunwale wall.
  • Adjusts up to 18 inches allowing for tide changes +/- 3 feet.
  • Adjustable for gunnel wall heights 24”-34”
  • Safely accommodates children and adults.

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Weight 65 lbs
Dimensions 54 × 28 × 8 in


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